Outed as a Lego devotee – again!

Actually I make no secret of being a Lego fan, and have used my skills creating MOCs (My Own Creations – i.e. original models, not built from instructions) for community engagement and Lego Shows. Word has obviously got around and Fairfax Media asked if I would like to be profiled for their ‘Secret Lives’ series of articles, where they profiled Kapiti people with interesting hobbies. Naturally I said yes, and their reporter Virginia Fallon came around to interview me.

I dusted off a few models before she arrived and demonstrated a few of them to her, including the action-packed Ultra Agents Tower. You can check this out yourself along with some other models on my YouTube channel.

Photo credit: Virginia Fallon/FairfaxNZ

Conversation turned to my new venture as a consultant and I’m pleased to say the idea of using Lego as a public engagement medium clicked with Virginia and came across very clearly in the interview. I recounted a tale of when I was five, some of my Lego pieces melted and deformed, becoming frustratingly unusable, when they were left in a Tupperware container in the rear window of our VW beetle on a family trip to Nelson. She observed practically everyone has a Lego story like that – hers was withholding particularly useful pieces from her brother on rainy afternoon (just because), and another: cleaning pieces after the cat had used the Lego box as a litter tray! These stories we have are part of why Lego can help us connect with each other in all sorts of fun, useful and meaningful ways.

The interview was published in our local papers and on the Stuff.co.nz website. You can read it here.

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