EnergyManager Professional Course 21 – 24 March 2017

I had the pleasure of spending four days with a diverse group of colleagues from the energy management and sustainability profession when I taught the EnergyManager Professional Course for EMANZ. This was my first contract out of the gate in my new venture as an independent consultant, and it was a great way to start out. The teaching team included myself and industry veterans Rob Bishop, Kevin McGrath, Norman Smith and Rob Tromop. The sixteen ‘trainees’ (for want of a better term – they had plenty of their own experience to educate us trainers with) came from the energy industry, major energy using organisations, energy efficiency consultancies and national bodies EECA and Enviromark. The purpose of the course was to help the trainees accelerate through some of the hard learnt lessons me and rest of the training team had acquired from our years in the sector. This would hopefully make their efforts to cut energy use and emissions more effective. I will share some of these tricks of the trade in future blog posts – hopefully you can handle the suspense!

The EmanPro Course crew

The course followed the ISO 50001 standard for designing and implementing energy management systems closely, but had a few extra bits bolted on, in particular greenhouse gas emissions management (ISO 14064) and transport: modules that I delivered. In crafting the course material, the delivery team added these topics in recognition of the increasing focus of business and government on reducing carbon emissions, which in turn must necessarily include transport in its scope. I was pleased to share some of my twelve years’ of experience in local government to bring these and other topics to life with real world examples, and it was great to hear Rob, Rob, Kevin and Norman in full flow too.

To complete the course and gain their accreditation as ‘EnergyManager Professionals’, the trainees are developing energy and carbon management plans for their employer or a client organisation. I was impressed with their determination to bring about positive change and wish them all the very best of luck.

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